Student Support Team

Student Support Team Quick Reference
For Parents/Guardians

What is the Student Support Team? 

  • A collaborative, school-based, problem-solving team that is organized to address concerns affecting a student's school performance and to implement an intervention plan following the Response to Intervention (RTI) model.  
  • A positive, success-oriented team which uses assessment and intervention techniques to help remove educational, behavioral, and/or social-emotional stumbling blocks for all students in the classroom.  

Why did HCSD create the Student Support Team? 

  • To identify and intervene early when a student needs extra academic, behavioral, mental, and/or socioemotional support.
  • To bring together available resources in the best interest of helping students reach their potential. 

How does the Student Support Team work?

  • A teacher, counselor, parent/ guardian, or the student themselves completes a referral. The referral packet includes 6 weeks of data from the implementation of targeted interventions to help the principal decide if SST is the correct course of action.
  • Parents/Guardians are contacted by the SST Facilitator to schedule an initial meeting. 
  • A team of administrators, educators, support staff, and parents/guardians share concerns and develop a plan with 1-2 goals during the initial meeting. 
  • The team agrees on interventions that are targeted and specific to the needs of the student..  
  • The team member(s) identified in the initial meeting carries out the interventions and collects data on the student's progress for the next meeting.
  • Meetings are regularly scheduled to track student progress and determine if the plan is working and make adjustments as needed to ensure student success.   

What is the parent/guardian role in the SST process?

  • If available, attend SST meetings and communicate your concerns and ideas with the team.
  • Participate in the intervention process by implementing the home connections provided by the SST team in the meetings.
  • You are an integral part of the SST process and bring a wealth of knowledge about your child that can help when strategizing about support services and interventions.

Student Support Team by building

Armor Elementary School 

Leslie Bennett, Principal
Lorri O'Donnell, SST Facilitator

Boston Valley Elementary School
Nicole Lauer, Principal
Laura Biddle, SST Facilitator

Charlotte Avenue Elementary School
Danielle Lango, Principal
Britton Thomas, SST Facilitator
Union Pleasant Elementary School
Molly Dehlinger, Principal
Sue Wilson, Assistant Principal
Heather Cantie, SST Facilitator
Jil Pula, SST Facilitator
Hamburg Middle School
Tom Adams, Principal
Jillian Meister, Assistant Principal
Gigi Rush, SST Facilitator
Beth Sheehy, SST Facilitator

Hamburg High School
John Crangle, Principal
Rose Kowalski, Assistant Principal
Michael Tylock, Assistant Principal
Nicole Lesinski, SST Facilitator

Hamburg Administration Building
Jennifer Barker, Director of Pupil Services 
Kaitlin Sylvester, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment 
Jennifer Carducci, TOSA Special Education


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