Commonly Asked Questions

Q1. Does my child need a physical?

Answer: Yes, per New York State law a child must have a physical on file with the school nurse in order to be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics. Physicals are valid for one calendar year. 

Q2. Why do some sports teams have to cut students from the team?

Answer: Unfortunately, to provide an appropriate experience for students, some teams have to cut players simply because of numbers. We do, however, have teams that can support the number of students who show an interest.

Q3. Does the district provide transportation to and from team events?

Answer: Yes. The district will provide bus transportation to and from team events. In emergency situations you may transport your child, but permission from the coach and a written note from you are required.

Q4. Why can't sixth graders try out for modified teams?

Answer: Per New York State law, sixth graders are not allowed to participate in interscholastic athletics. However, they may get involved in our extensive middle school intramural program.

Q5. Can a seventh grader play on the varsity?

Answer: Yes. A middle school student may be eligible to tryout for a varsity or junior sport program if they are identified by a coach or physical education teacher as having exceptional ability. Those students families will need to complete paperwork for the Advanced placement process (which can be found on Athletics website) and the student must then pass the New York State Advanced Placement process physical fitness test which is administered by the Athletic Department.  

Q6. My child is failing two courses. Can he/she still be eligible to play on the interscholastic team?

Answer: Students are expected to meet academic standards from their teachers and the school. If a student is found to be struggling academically, then faculty, HPER staff and the student's coach will develop a plan for improvement. Within two weeks if improvement is shown the student may be eligible to participate.

Q7. My child is home schooled, but we live in the district. Can he/she participate in athletics?

Answer: No. To participate in athletics, New York State requires the student to be taking three core classes plus physical education. This rule is per New York State not Hamburg Central.

Q8. What if my child gets injured while playing an interscholastic sport? Who pays for this insurance?

Answer: Families must assume responsibility for their child's insurance needs. The district provides an athletic trainer who helps in all medical issues. However, if your child goes to see a doctor then that insurance responsibility would stay with the family.

Q9. Do all students get the same amount of playing time?

Answer: Generally no. Once a student gets to the JV or varsity level, their coach will clearly define policies and procedures to both parents and students in regards to playing time.

Q10. Do students get to keep their uniform/equipment?

Answer: No. Any equipment issued to a student by the school district needs to be returned at the conclusion of that season.

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