Lotus Traveler Client Installation

Lotus Traveler Client Installation

Here are directions for installing the Lotus Traveler for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Android Devices, and Windows Mobile devices. Follow these directions to enable the mobile device to sync with the Domino server. 


Apple Devices

Andriod Phones

Windows Mobile Devices

Use the following steps to install the Lotus Notes Traveler client from the Lotus Notes Traveler user home page.

1. Turn on the mobile device.

2. Launch the device's browser.

3. Go to the Lotus Notes Traveler user home page at https://notes.hamburgschools.org/servlet/traveler.

4. Optional: Select Generate a Client Configuration File and then download the configuration file. The file can be placed in any location under \My documents.

5. Select Download the Client.

6. Select your device type.

7. Transfer the file to your mobile device and open the file.

8. When the installation is complete, the Lotus Notes Traveler configuration wizard starts.

9. Select Next to begin registering the Lotus Notes Traveler client.

10. Enter the following data:

      In the User ID field, enter any valid Domino® user name.

      In the Password field, enter Domino HTTP password.

      In the Server field, enter the Lotus Notes Traveler server host name.

11. Select Next.

12. Select the applications that you want to synchronize and select Next.

13. Select OK.