• I Want One!
    The following are a list of things your child might love to have to make their reading experience a lot of fun!! 
     A cozy place in the house to read!   
     chair A comfy chair to sit in! 
    A bookmark to keep their spot!  
    *This bookmark has a quick way for your child to check to see if the book they selected is too easy, just right, or too hard!  
    Download your free copy HERE
    * Source: http://mrspancake.com/index.php/doodads/show_one_doodad/5_finger_book_test  
    A funky finger costume to wear while tracking the print on the page!
    *  You can order these by clicking HERE .
     lamp A bright desk lamp for evening reading! 
     bag A bag to carry all of the treasures gathered at the library! 
     shelves A nice bookshelf or rain gutter shelves to display books.  
    A book pal to make their very own little book club.
    *Click HERE to visit the website, ePals, to find a book club collaborator.