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    Fine motor skills are necessary for reaching, grasping, holding and manipulating objects in the hands with the fingers. There are several components to attain mature fine motor skills which are broken into areas such as Muscles, Wrist Stabilization, Precision Skills, Finger Isolation and Strength. Below are just a few ideas that address these areas and will promote fine motor skills that are needed to color, write ,cut, draw and manipulate objects.


     Hand Strength~~ Play dough, hole punch ,hammering, bubble wrap, tearing paper ,squeeze bottles.

     Scissors skills~~ Cutting play dough, straws, or heavy paper. Outline cutting lines on coupons, trace items from your cupboard and cut them out.

     Coloring~~ Be sure to have your child outline the area to be colored before coloring. Look for

    the wrist to be on the work surface and encourage coloring with just the hand and not the whole arm .Broken crayons or small crayon stubs are best for this.

     Finger Isolation~~ Tracing over picture outlines while just using the index (pointer) finger. String beads on pipe cleaners,string, or long spaghetti using only the thumb and index finger. Pick up pennies or small candies using the same fingers and place in a container. For these activities, be sure to use both left and right hands.


    Shoe tying~~ Many students do not know how to tie. This is a skill that should be learned by 1st grade. Just a few minutes of practice a day can usually help a child to learn this skill in a week with your support and patience. 


    The above mentioned are just a few ideas for you as a parent to consider. Please feel free to contact your building Occupational Therapist if you have any questions. These are all common sense ideas, That can easily be done at home.