Hamburg Modified Track and Field 
    Goals: The goal of our program is develop responsibility, respect, sportsmanship and work ethic while developing and improving track and field skills.  The focus of our program is to improve personal performance in a variety of events.  The ECIC rules allow for a modified athlete to participate in a maximum of 3 events.  The ECIC rules prohibit us from scoring modified meets.  Student athletes must have 15 practices prior to participation in a meet. 

    Practice and Meets: All practices and meets are mandatory.  Practices start at 2:45 in my middle school gym and will end no later than 5:00pm.  Please note that some practices will end early.  It is the responsibility of each athlete to listen to school announcements for changes in the schedule.  All members are expected to stay for the duration of the practice and track meets.  As a representative of the Hamburg Central School district every athlete will be respectful of all coaches, officials, teammates and opponents.  
    All Track meets will begin at 5:00 sharp.  Away meets bus will leave at 3:45 sharp!
    Excused Absences: Students will be excused from practice if they are absent from school or there is a need to stay afterschool with a teacher for extra help.  (A note from the teacher should be provided when you come to practice after the extra help session). 
    Unexcused Absences: Students will be allowed 2 unexcused absences from practice.  Please provide a note to explain why you missed practice (ie: Dr. note, absent from school etc.)  Coaches reserve the right to remove an athlete from the team or participation in meets with more than 2 unexcused missed practices. 
    Transportation: ECIC policy requires all students to ride to and from athletic meets on school supplied transportation.  Students who wish to ride home with a parent or legal guardian must be signed out on the coach's sign out board.  The sign out board will be made available at the completion of the track meet. 
    Uniform: A t-shirt is MANDATORY to purchase (beginning of the season) as this is our uniform.  Athletes can order extra merchandise if they may.  
    Black shorts and the T-shirt are our required uniform for all meets. 
    We look forward to a great season!  Go Bulldogs!!!
    Coach Osinski    (losinski@hamburgschools.org) or (716) 646-3250
    Coach Brown    (kbrown7@fredonia.edu)  

    Athletes should be prepared with appropriate clothing to run inside and outside.
Last Modified on December 20, 2018