• Art Grade Art Course Outline

    Mrs. Feasley


    • Welcome Middle school art! Students will participate in art for 10 weeks. Students will explore a variety of mediums, subjects and skills. Some of the key art skills we will focus on:

      • Learning how to effectively use the art elements (line, shape/form, color, space, and texture).
      • Learning how to effectively use the principles of design (unity, balance, movement, rhythm, emphasis/focal point and scale/proportion).
      • Learning how to use accurately draw and shade objects.
      • Learning the techniques, and application of watercolors paints.
      • Working with clay by experiencing the slab and coil methods of hand building.
      • Working with various artistic styles of the past and modern.
      • Learning how to analyze and critique artworks base on the knowledge of the art elements, principles of design and art history.
      • Working with a variety media such as art/color pencils, oil/chalk pastels, charcoals, color construction paper, scissors, glue, clay, cloth, paints, ink, bushes, beads, feathers, gems, mosaics, craft sticks, card board, etc.
      • Creating art assignments in conjunction with what is being taught in Global Studies, English, and Art Ancient History.
      • Learning about various cultural aesthetics from around the world.


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