February Minutes


    7:45- Approval of January Minutes - Approved

    Treasurer’s Report: deposits totaling $2140.64 from Lifetouch commissions, BVS Spirit Wear Sale, StudioHue Teacher’s Paint Night Thank You BVS Teachers!; Additional Christmas Bazaar Sales, and Box Tops Income
    Expenses included Mini grant to Dara McFadden and six folding tables to be used by PTSA at BVS events totaling $968.52
    7:50-Principal’s Report: Encouraging everyone to link to the BVS Twitter page @BVSelementary
    Sail-a-bration character hall of fame is underway
    Spirit Days planned for February 14th wear pink and red February 15th wear red white and blue
    Working on PARP 

    7:55-Vice President’s Report: PTSA will only pay for teachers and students to attend field trips, parents and guardians must pay their own fee.
    Fundraiser with Niagara Candy has been scheduled for 2/15-3/8

    8:00 Committee Reports
    PARP-Forming a Committee
    Scholastic Book Fair-Scheduled for 5/13-5/15 We are planning a book for each child in the school.
    Garden-Starting seeds now in classrooms for the garden. 
    Science Fair-32 Displays with 36 Participants Tonight at 6:30
    Father Daughter Dance-Photo Booth Scheduled, Corsages ordered
    Mother Son Event- Under discussion, volunteers needed
    Activity Day- planning has begun! Volunteers needed

    8:15-New Business
    May be having another Spirit Sale again in the spring

    In Attendance: M.Ryan, J.Koelmeyer, K.Grazen, S.Duttry, T.Tew, T.Roberts, A. Bus, N.Lauer, B.Piazza, C. Ricotta

January Minutes


    7:00 - Approval of minutes

    Discussion of Tables Vote to Purchase Tables 5 in favor 3 against and Increase budget for supplies to $400.00 for the tables 8 in favor 0 against.

    7:12 - Principals Report - Have Glen Colton to kick off PARP


    PARP - Darien Lake Reading Challenge will soon be underway. Vote was passed, 8 in favor to have Glen Colton come to BVS to kick off the March PARP event.

    Mini-Grants - two mini grants were approved, one submitted by Antoinette Montagna was approved and received. The other submitted by Dara McFadden was approved and waiting to be received.

    Reflections - BVS had the most participants in HCSD with six advancing to Western Regionals

    7:20 - EVENTS
    Science Fair - plans underway, plenty of tables to use

    Father-Daughter Dance will be held at the school this year with a pink and purple theme

    7:25 - NEW/OLD BUSINESS 
    Activity Day - Earth Spirit, possible $750.00 allotment available for BVS to use. Looking into booking a 3 hour event with other activities to supplement.

    Poinsettia Fundraiser yielded $342.50.

    Need for a Spring Fundraiser was discussed. A chocolate/plant sale was suggested.

    In Attendance: B. Piazza, E. Piazza, T. Tew, C. Ricotta, A. Bus, B. Whalen, N. Lauer, A. Lyle

November Minutes


    7:50 - Treasurer’s Report
    Scholastic Book Fair
    Halloween expenses
    Tops bonus card check

    Principal’s Report:

    8:00 VP Report : $2078.00 of scholastic book bucks! Successful event
    Mrs Knodels class won pizza party for All For Books

    PARP - getting underway
    Poinsettia sale Fundraiser looking into vendors

    Box Tops
    Spirit Wear
    Reflections -Due 11/19/2018
    Mini-Grants-Meeting today
    New Vendor for Christmas Bazaar which is actually the old vendor
    Have something for kids to do while they are waiting
    Kids missed the pumpkin contest 

    In Attendance : B. Piazza, C. Ricotta, A. Bus, A. Montagna, B. Knodel, N. Lauer, T. Tew, K. Ebsary, L. Biddle, A. Judge, J. Koelmeyer, J. Rasulo,  D. Pfeil, D. Neureuther


    The PTSA appointed a mini-grant committee for Boston Valley Elementary for the purpose of facilitating grant requests from staff at BVS.  An annual budget of $1000.00 was approved at a previous PTSA meeting.  The committee consists of Tracy Tew, Elizabeth Huson, and Chairperson Amy Bus. 

    Three applications were submitted with two being approved and fully funded.

    A grant request for a Stem Education Cart submitted by Dara McFadden for grades K-5 in the amount of $750.00 was approved. 

    A grant request for a Classroom Chart Easel on Wheels with Storage Bins submitted by Antoinette Montagna for Room 104 in the amount of $145.00 was approved. 

    A grant request for a We Do Lego 2.0 Stem Kit and batteries submitted by Erin Holstein and Kristen Winewicz for Level 3 in the amount of $2094.96 was unable to be funded at this time.  This item can be partially funded in the amount of $105.00 or may be resubmitted at a future date.

October Minutes


    7:00 - Approval of last month’s minutes

    Principal’s Report - Picture Day went well, ran smoothly
    Relocation drill re-scheduled for next Tuesday
    Sail a brations are scheduled

    7:05 - VP Report

    Yearbooks - Continue to use Lifetouch.

    Mini Grants - District wants to approve purchases before we purchase, see what is approved at the building level, then give the go ahead. BVS PTSA needs a chairperson to be the go-between with district for mini - grants.

    Mental Health Training available for 20 PTSA members on Friday October 26th.
    Home room Tea Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. 10/10/2018. Two needed per classroom 

    Scholastic Book Fair - Coin drive in the classrooms for All For Books
    Book fair scheduled for 10/23-10/25. Set - up Monday the 22nd after school
    Teacher Wish Lists
    PARP - books will be given to teachers for distribution to students, books will be purchased at this book fair for the next PARP event to be scheduled
    Halloween Event - cider and donuts; stations; face painting added; photo booth, games, bags for collecting, costume contest, coloring contest

    Reflections - deadlines for projects are Monday November 19th

    Activity Day - Moving forward on using Earth Spirit for Activity Day

    Box Tops - Tracy Skuse collections going well

    8:00-NEW IDEAS
    Spirit Wear - planning to offer youth size t-shirts at cost. Kick off at the Halloween event - 10/24/2018 for two weeks ending in November. 
    SQUARE One Art Work as a Fundraiser possibility, 38% profit
    Scrip - gift cards, 5% back
    Christmas Plant and Wreath Sale - Motion Passed
    Schwans - food, 20% back possibly in the spring
    Girls On The Run-
    Purchasing more tables-
    Tablecloth - BVS PTSA $65.00 motion passed
    BVS Buddies - Model learners at Boston Valley Need to purchase life size stand ups
    Glen Colton - program for PARP
    8:45 Meeting Adjourned
    B.Piazza, E.Piazza, T.Skuse, A.Bus, N.Lauer, A.Lyle, S.Beiter,

September Minutes


    7:50- Approval of minutes
    Treasurer’s Report - year end expenses, etc.

    Principal's Report- good opening day! 

    VP Report- would like to see growth of Mini Grants
    Vote on increasing mini grants from $500 to $1000 Passed
    Need committees for mini grants

    Box Tops Program is being handled by Tracy Skuse - Set a goal for the Box Tops$
    Programs-would like teacher input-Core will cover it at their meetings 

    Field Trips-Budget will be established
    Reflections-Theme is Heroes Among Us
    PARP - Need to form a committee
    Scholastic- run simultaneously with PARP
    Back To School Barbecue Monday 9/17/2018
    Home room Parent Tea - Share expectations of a home room Parent 
    Halloween Celebration - Centers/Stations Snack related station; Mike Randall, Photo Station
    Picture Day - no changes

    New Business:

    Adding Garden as a line item -
    Need Someone to be a liaison with Farm To Table Initiative
    Bald For Bucks - possibly doing something at BVS in Honor Of Conor Long

    Old Business - Meeting times adjusted

    In Attendance: B.Piazza, C.Ricotta, D.McFadden, B.Knodel, N.Lauer, L. Biddle, A.Montagna, J.Koelemeyer, A. Judge, T.Roberts, K. Gingerich, R.Bartoo