"Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them
    -Lady Bird Johnson 

    The mission of Union Pleasant Elementary School is to provide our children with an academic foundation and to create an environment that addresses their social, emotional, and physical needs.

     Can it really be almost November??
     The calendar tells me it is so and, when I reflect on these last few weeks, I have to admit that all the learning that is happening tells me the same thing!  Recently I had the privilege of observing in a Kindergarten classroom and a fourth grade classroom.  Suffice it to say that I went home with a big smile that day!  Kindergartners were proficient on routines that make their classroom run like clockwork. They were quickly able to create and write addition stories to share with their partners.  Everything that the teacher did and said was with intent and for the express purpose of teaching her precious charges! 
    In fourth grade I observed a guided reading lesson and was so impressed with the independence of these students.  While the teacher was working with 5 students on targeted instruction involving vocabulary and inferences, the other students were either working on RazKids, Words their Way, reading fluency or using a Book Club format to read and discuss their book. The classroom was abuzz with activity that was focused and exciting to behold!  The amount of learning that was happening in that classroom was amazing! 
    Along with the great instruction happening each day at UPES, we have had many exciting activities.  At the October Board of Education meeting, Union Pleasant safety patrol members, Macy and Kenneth, led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Rory presented a piece of artwork to a Board member and Mrs. Wittmeyer's class spoke about the canned food drive that they initiated and carried out.  Our entire student body attended an uplifting assembly sponsored by PTSA.  Kevin McCarthy brought his message of self-worth to the children in a presentation that was one step away from a Rock Concert!
    Coming up this next week is our wonderful Book Fair!  I hope you are all able to attend the Family Night on Thursday, October 29 from 5:30-8:30 PM.  As the weather begins to turn colder, what better way to enjoy it than having a good book to read?? 
    Bullying has been in the headlines lately due to the tragic events in a nearby community.  I recently attended a conference sponsored by the Character Council of Western New York addressing this issue.  The most important message I came away with, from this conference, is the importance of empowering those who are bullied and those who are witnesses.  No child should feel that they must listen to taunts or threats and have no recourse. At Union Pleasant Elementary School, we continuously look for ways to support our students in any and all situations...especially any that may involve bullying.  
    Conversations at home can help this effort as you, the parents, also empower your child.  Please check out the following website to find more resources to enable you, and us on this mission!  






Last Modified on February 2, 2017