2018-19 Season
     Schedule Change:
    The NYS Qualifier (Sectionals) is Thursday 2/21/19 at Hoguhton College
    The bus leaves the h.s at 7:00am; meet starts 10:00am.
    There is a $5 admission charge for spectators
    Hamburg Girls Sectional Qualifiers

    55m   Claire Danyluk   7.58

    55m  Deborah Borysewicz  7.61

    55 Hurdles  Madelyn Kruszka  9.75      

    300m  Claire Danyluk 41.68 - State Standard (School Record)

    300m  Lottie Reczek  44.83

    600m  Raechel Zielinski  1:40.59 (School Record)

         1000m  Raechel Zielinski  3:09.95 

    1500m  Raechel Zielinski  5:15.46 

    Racewalk  Lexi Borzelleri  8:28.70 

    Racewalk  Lindsey Mayer  8:51.52

           Long Jump   JumpMaria Covelli  16’6 ¾

    Long Jump  Laura Bogner  15’1 ¼

    Long Jump  Haile Perrino  15’0

    Triple Jump  Maria Covelli  32’6 

    Triple Jump  Emmy Walker  31’3

    Triple Jump  Haile Perrino31’2 ¼

     High Jump  Olivia Bunn  4’10

                            High Jump  Mia Brogan  4’8 Qualify inTeam Championships

    Pole Vault  Tess Eichner  8’0

    Relays (32 total schools in section)

    4X200 Relay 1:52.28 (Ranked 4th)

    4x400 Relay 4:11.39 (School Record) (Ranked 1st)

    4x800 Relay 11:19.95 (Ranked 17th)

     Hamburg Boys Sectional Qualifiers
    55m  Jacob Wicher  6.97

     55 Hurdles  Nick Hafner  8.33

    55 Hurdles  Tyler Devine  8.68

    55 Hurdles  Sean Hoelscher  9.04

     300m  TyeRyan Burke  37.00

    300m  Nate Capasso  38.89

    Long Jump  Jacob Wicher  21'1.5

    Long Jump  Nick Hafner  19'4

    Long Jump  Tyler Devine  19'0.5

     High Jump  Tyler Divine  5’8’’

    High Jump  Nick Hafner  5’8”

     Wt. Throw  David Becker  45’5

     Pole Vault  Liam Doyle  12’ 0

    Pole Vault  Zach Nyhart  12'0

    Relays (33 total schools in section)

    4X200 Relay 1:36.82 (School Record) (Ranked 3rd)

    4x400 Relay 3:47.83 (Ranked 17th)

    4x800 Relay 9:47.03 (Ranked 21st)

     Congratulations!!!! New School Record!!!!
    Raechel Zielinski, on February 2, 2019, broke the School record in the 600m running a time of 1:40.71 at the Varsity Select Meet at Houghton College and again at the Team Championships on Saturday, 2/16/19 with a time of 1:40.59.  The previous record from 1989 was held by Beth Taylor who ran a 1:41.09
    See Side Calendar for Schedule
    Practice times 3:00pm-5:15pm
    MS=Middle School Practices (Field Event Days)-Distance may practice in HS these days
     Congratulations to the both the Boys & Girls Teams
    who won the WNY Relays Middle Class of Schools (8 total) 
    on 12/19/18 at Houghton College.
    2017-18 Season
    Congratulations!!!! New School Record!!!!
    The Girls 4x200 relay team of Laura Bogner, Maria Covelli, Madelyn Kruszka & Riley Bermingham, on February 23, 2018, broke the school record at Houghton College at the Sectional Championships with a time of 1:51.55 breaking the previous record held by L.Saluzzo, L.Sheenan, J.Gullo & C.Senior in 1995. 
    4x200 Girls Relay
     Congratulations!!!! New School Record!!!!
    Eleanor Clarke, on February 23, 2018, broke her own school record in the Weight Throw at the Sectional Championships at Houghton College with a throw of 37'3".  She previously broke the record at the WNY Relays held at Houghton College on 12/30/17 with a throw of 36' 1/4". Prior to Clarke the record was set in 2015 by Alicia Giles at 31'9".
     Clarke School Record 2018
     Congratulations!!!! Sectional Patches!!!!!
    4x200 - (L.Bogner, M.Covelli, M.Kruszka, R.Brminhgham) 3rd Place
    4X400 - (M.Ingraham, E.Walker, C.Reczek, E.Quinlivan) 4th Place
    4x800 - (M.Kabza, M.Kane, R.Zielinski, E.Quinlivan) 4th Place
    Girls Sectional Championship Qualifiers:
    55m- Maria Covelli 7.89
    55m - Ella Ingraham Time: 7.94
    55 Hurdles - Madelyn Kruszka 9.49
    300m - Madelyn Kruszka 44.58
    600m - Raechel Zielinski 1:44.38
    600m - Molly Kabza 1:46.22
    600m - Erin Quinlivan 1:46.65
    1000m -  Molly Kabza 3:15.5
    1000m -  Raechel Zielinski 3:15.5
    1500m - Megan Kane 5:16.01
    1500m RW - Lexi Borzelleri 8:43.67
    1500m RW - Lindsey Mayer 9:07.79
    Triple Jump - Maria Covelli 33'7"
    Long Jump - Laura Bogner 15'2"
    Long Jump - Maria Covelli 15' 1/2"
    High Jump - Olivia Bunn 4'10"
    Weight Throw - Eleanor Clarke 36' 1/4"
    4X200 - 1:55.52
    4X400 - 4:22.22
    4X800 - 10:18.48
    Boys Sectional Championship Qualifiers
    55m - TyeRyan Burke 6.98
    55 Hurdles - Nick Hafner 8.53
    300m - TyeRyan Burke 37.88
    Pole Vault - Liam Doyle 11'6"
    Pole Vault - Zach Nyhart 11'6"
    Triple Jump - Nick Hafner 38' 2 1/2"
    Weight Throw - David Becker 40'8 1/2"
    4X200 - 1:39.83
    4X400 - 3:47.48
    4X800 - 9:46.49
    H.S. Days - Girls start stretching at 2:30 & are ready to run by 3:00pm
    Boys start stretching at 3:00pm & ready to run by 3:30.
    M.S. days - Distance runners meet w/ Fortuna in HS Wellness  (No one leaves until cleanup is done) 
     2016-17 Season
    Raechel Zielinski qualified for the State Championships with a 3rd place patch in the 600m with a time of 1:41.19, which qualified her to run the Intersectional relay at the NYS championships

    Intersectional Relay: Ocean Breeze, Staten Island (3/4/17)  Total: 10:59.20

    1000m - Blair, Kathryn (Iroquois)3:06.7

    200m Daigler, Hallie (N.Tonawanda) 26.7

    600m – Zielinski (Hamburg) 31.1, 35.3, 39.3=1:45.5
    1600m – Wistner, Naomi (Wms North) 5:40.0
    New School Record
    The Girls 4X800 Relay of Raechel Zielinski, Molly Kabza, Madi Maurer & Megan Kane @ Sectional Championships @ Houghton College on 2/25/17 broke the School Record by 6 seconds previously set in 1994 by Gleason, Seitz, Martin, Taylor by running a time of 10:04.17.
    2015-16 Season
    N.Y.S. Championships (3/5/16)
    Ethan Reimondo medaled in HJ (7th place) w/ 6'2" 
    Aaron Wojnicki went 12'0 in Pole Vault 
    Pete Rindfuss unfortunately did not compete due to injury 
    3 Hamburg Athletes qualified for the State Championships in 5 events
     Ethan Reimondo in 55 Hurdles and High Jump
    Aaron Wojnicki in Pole Vault
    Pete Rindfuss in 1600m and 3200m
    2 More New School Records in 2016:
     On Saturday, February 27, 2016, at the Sectional Championships at Houghton College, 1) Matt Hess broke his own school record in the 600m with a time of 1:25.99; 2) The 4 by 200 meter relay team of Jeremy Herrington, Jon Hawes, Jason Jaskolka, and Chris Janak broke the school record previously held by Santiago, Myles, Janak, and Herrington (2015) with a time of 1:37.81.
    3 More New School Records in 2016:

    On Saturday February 20, 2016, at the Varsity Select Meet at Houghton College, 1) Matt Hess broke Conor Long’s School Record in the 600m with a time of 1:26.01.  2) Pete Rindfuss broke Kyle Pawlaczyk’s School Record (2001) in the 1600m run with a time of 4:23.32.  3) The 3,200m Relay Team of Pete Rindfuss, Matt Hess, Conor Long and David Oswald broke the School Record of Ben Brucker, Jared Brucker, Sean Pine and Zach Stumpf (2012) with a time of 8:29.12.



    On Saturday January 16, 2016 Pete Rindfuss broke his own School Record in the 1000m at Houghton College with a time of 2:35.6.  Prior to Pete, his brother Jamie Rindfuss’s (2009) held the1000m School Record. 



    5 New School Records in 2015:
    Amy Villarini sets the School Record in the 55m @ 7.52 @ League Championships @ Houghton College on 2/7/15. Amy broke Sue Kantra's record from 1986.
    The Boys 4X2 Relay of Sharyl Santiago, Chris Janak, Mark "Boobie" Myles, Jeremy Herrington @ League Championships @ Houghton College on 2/7/15 broke the School Record previously set in 1997 of Nichols, Godios, Godios, Gullo by running a time of 1:37.84.
    Amy Villarini sets the School Record in the 300m @ 41.97 @ Houghton College on 1/25/15.  Amy broke Beth MacPartland's record from 1989.
    Alicia Giles sets the School Record in the Weight Throw @ 31'9" @ Houghton College on 1/25/15.  Alicia broke Jessica Evan's record from 2007.
    How do I know if the meet is cancelled due to weather?
    Answer:  If you see one of the following:  1) Hamburg cancels Saturday activities (or that day's activities);  2) The site where the meet is held is closed;  3) The thruway from the school to the site is closed;  4)  If possible, it will be listed on the webpage.  5) The info will also be tweeted out HHS@hamburgrunning Otherwise, assume there is a meet.


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