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      The purpose of this website is to give you an overview of my program along with some activities that you can do at home to help your child become a better reader.  Although I've worked with most levels, I'm presently working with levels K, 3 and 4.

    Level K

    I meet with this level 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes per session.   The skills we start with are based on the needs of the children, but we normally begin with letter identification using a variety of techniques to accommodate various learning styles.  Once the children have mastered  letter identification, we move onto letter sound association.  We help the children retain their letter sounds by giving them a word, using pictures, as a reference for each sound.  For example, a - apple - short a sound, b - butterfly -  b sound, etc. through letter z.  After the sounds are learned, we begin working on blending sounds using phonograms or word families.  In addition we work on retaining the same sight words that the children are learning in the classroom.

    At Home

    Read, read read!  Reading to your children at home is the most effective way you can help them.  Pointing out sight words they're learning at school in the stories you read to them is also very helpful.  Also encourage them to predict what may happen next in the story.

    Level 3

    My program at level 3 may include word attack skills, vocabulary development, fluency improvement, and reading comprehension skills.  The specific skills that I work on with each group and the time allotted depends on the needs of the specific group of children.  We meet 3 times per week, 30 minutes per session.

    At Home

    Please encourage your children to read daily, both during the school year and over summer vacation.  Rereading favorite stories will help them improve their reading fluency.  Retelling the story they're reading will help to improve their reading comprehension skills.

    Level 5

    My program at level 5 focuses on vocabulary development, reading comprehension skills and strategies.  Some of the sub-skills we focus on are identifying the main idea and supporting details, drawing conclusions, inferencing and using context clues to find meanings of unknown words.  I teach the children how to skim for information and how to more effectively read text books.

    At Home

    As in level 3, encourage your children to read daily at home.  Rereading favorite stories to help improve their reading fluency and retelling stories will help improve their reading comprehension skills.








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