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    HOMEWORK: 10/1/18
    ELA- Read 20 minutes- Make Tuff connections
    * 25 Bookwrite up due Wednesday (total of 3 should be on the chart)
    MATH-   Binder page 33 - All problems Show your work
     SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE-  Clear Pepsi type bottle due
    Yearbook order forms were handed out today :) 












    Departmentalize Program:


    Students are taking part in an exciting program at UPES!  With the intent to improve organizational skills and student responsibility, we have adopted a departmental approach.  This approach allows for student movement, opportunities to learn in different teaching, learning styles and situations. We are focused on taking every opportunity to promote responsibility, pride in their work and an understanding of their individual learning styles.   





    -Planners- completed by student


    -Homework- done neatly and organized on table for the bell.  If they are not proud of their work they should keep working until it represents their best efforts. If homework takes them longer than seems reasonable, jot us a note and we will endeavor to rectify the situation.   Multiple missing assignments will result in a phone call home.


    -25 books- approx. 6 per quarter. We want kids to READ, READ, and READ! I will give them 25 book credit for pretty much anything they read!


    -Missed class/ periods- students are expected to make up any missing notes or assignment while out of the classroom.


    -Kindergarten Buddies: All students will participate in the program. We will be reading, writing and partying with our Buddies! Students are expected to act as positive role models.


    -Health - Mrs. Gallagher will be teaching the Health Units to 5th graders (Nov-Feb)




    State Assessments (www.engageny.org)








    Report Cards and Conferences:


    The district has moved to a trimester system with parent conferences:


    Semester 1: Sept - Dec.



    Semester 2: Dec - March



    Semester 3: March-June






    The district has adopted the Writer’s Workshop approach to writing. This approach incorporates a student centered daily writing of at least 40 minutes with 6 different units or genre. Students grow and develop as writers by consistently writing, and through small group instruction, teacher conferences, mentor texts and peer mentoring. Reading skills will be developed by making a direct connection to Writer’s Workshop.  We will be reading to discover the techniques employed by authors to aid in comprehension. Students will also develop habits of mind that successful readers employ to aid comprehension. Like reading, spelling will be instructed through the Writer’s Workshop model.  A list of most frequently used words, commonly misspelled words and challenge words will be incorporated along with words that students misspell in their own writing.


    Each day, homework is checked  in by the teacher that instructs your child in that subject area.  If your child is unprepared, he/she will be expected to complete the assignment and they will miss recess until the assignment is completed.  The subject area of the missing assignment will be highlighted.
    Parents are expected to sign, communicating to us that you are aware that the homework assignment was not completed.
    Students are expected to complete the assignment that evening, and turn it in the following day.
    Social Studies:
    Mr. Bermingham
    Level: 5
    During the year students will be studying different cultures, family structures, geographic make-up and governments of the Western Hemisphere.  The unites would include USA, Canada, Mexico, and Latin America.
    During the year students will be studying different cultures, family structures, geographic make-up and governments of the Western Hemisphere.  These units would include USA, Canada, Mexico and Latin America.
    Homework - done neatly organized and brought to class.  If they are not proud of their work, they should keep working until it represents their best efforts.
    Odds and Ends:
    Email address:  With the busy office and limited number of phones in the building, this is the quickest way to send and receive information from me!
    Reading Textbook
    Math Games
    All types of fun games to help with Math skills!
    Multiplication Practice
    Arcade style game to practice multiplication facts.
    Grammar Skills


    Fun Brain
    Loads of educational games to play online, even MATH!
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