• What an artist

    thinks. . . feels. . . and does

    to create art!


    In art we look at a variety of artist's works representing various cultures and a range of media. Students will view, discuss and produce a variety of artworks.

    All students at Boston Valley School attend art class one day a week for 45 minutes. Please send in a smock (an old shirt is great!). We store them in the art room and put them on for painting or when needed.

    Students in grades 2-5 are asked to bring in a pencil. They are labeled with the students’ name and used each art class.

    Art Portfolios

    Each student will keep a portfolio of his/her work in the art room. This portfolio will be a way to assess and evaluate learning in the arts. A portfolio is an organized collection of a child's work over a period of time. It is used by the teacher to monitor the growth of the student's learning. Art portfolios will go home with students in June.

    Art Shows

    Each spring Boston Valley School participates in the "Festival of the Arts." This art festival features the creative talents of students in the Hamburg community held at The Hub Youth Center. This event is presented by the schools and youth organizations of the Town of Hamburg.

    "Hamburg's Finest" is the annual art show presented by the Hamburg Central School District. Held in May,this showcase of art features Hamburg schools best and brightest art students from Grades K - 12. This special show is held one evening at the Senior High School cafeteria.

    Stuff for the Art Room

    In the art room we are always looking for egg cartons, plastic covers from laundry detergent bottles, and plastic containers from items such as margarine and ice cream.

    We welcome any craft materials or items you think we can use. If you can send them in it would be great!

    I will be teaching at Charlotte Avenue School on Monday, Wednesday , Friday and Boston Valley School on Tuesday and Thursday.   If you have any questions contact me at 646-3240 or e-mail me at rdufresne@hamburgschools.org.

    It is a pleasure working with your children!

    Mrs. R. Dufresne

Last Modified on February 24, 2014