• Welcome to Boston Valley Physical Education
    Throughout the school year students will be working on a variety of different sport skills that incorporate locomotor skills, strength, coordination, balance and agility. Kindergarten and first grade will be concentrating heavily on locomotor skills such as hopping (1 foot and 2 feet),skipping, galloping,, animal walks and spatial awareness games. Second, third, fourth, and fifth grade will refine locomotor skills but concentrate more heavily on sport specific skills, rules, and game play. As the physical education teacher I expect that students will display quality effort in all activities. My teaching goal is to make every lesson a fun and enjoyable one for all students.
    Being Prepared for class
    Kindergarten to 3rd grade must have sneakers that cover the whole foot
    4th and 5th grade must have a change of clothes and sneakers that cover the whole foot.  It is strongly suggested that students purchase a lock from their phys ed teacher for $5.  This lock can be used until high school graduation. 

    1. Quiet When Sitting
    2. Be Safe
    3. Try Your Best
    Go Mets soccer

    If you have any questions or concerns please email me at agodios@hamburgschools.org or give me a call at school at 646-3240 ext 2113.

Last Modified on September 21, 2017