• Code of Conduct


    The District is committed to safeguarding the rights given to all students under state and federal law. However, with all rights come responsibilities.

    Elementary Student Rights and Responsibilities:

    This Code of Conduct is an explanation of the behavior that is expected of students in our elementary school. It applies to student behaviors in and out of the school buildings including, but not limited to classrooms, auditorium, cafeterias, field trips and buses. We believe that responsible behavior results in privileges. This Code of Conduct is meant to stop problems before they start; if students misbehave they must accept the consequences, penalties or loss of privileges. We will maintain contact with parents and guardians to make sure the policies and consequences of the Code are understood and successfully carried out.

    The following Rights and Responsibilities relate to all elementary level students in the district:


    Rights                                                                                                     Responsibilities

    1. Be respected by teachers, students, and other staff.                 Show respect for adults & students.

    2. Have access to school materials and equipment (books,        Show proper use of these items.                                                                                   computers, playground facilities, etc.)

    3. Be safe in the school environment.                                               Behave in a way that does not  affect the physical and emotional                                                                                                                           safety of themselves and others.

    4. Be listened to by teachers, students, and other staff.                 Listen to adults and each other respectfully.

    5. Be treated kindly.                                                                               Use “I Care Rules.”

    6. Attend school with attention to personal cleanliness                 Be clean and dress in a manner that is not distracting.                                          and appropriate dress.

    7. Not be bullied or teased either with hands or words.                 Respect one another and treat others the way you would like to                                                                                                                                            be treated.

    8. To be protected from negative situations based on                   To respect one another. To behave in a way that supports an          differences that occur at school events.                                              environment that is free from                                                                                                                                                                                intimidation, discrimination, and harassment. To report                                                                                                                                         and encourage others to report when they see negative events                                                                                                                             occurring.                     



Last Modified on August 20, 2016