COURSE OVERVIEW: The development of a wide variety of sports skills and an understanding of how to maintain good health and fitness are the major goals of this course

    GRADING: Each student receives a grade for each unit of study. The report cards grade is an average of the units covered during that quarter. Approximately 50% of the student’s grade is based on daily personal and social responsibility. For this reason it is essential that the student be prepared to participate with sneakers, shorts, t-shirt; and sweats (for colder days) and a positive attitude. Approximately 50% of the student’s grade is based on the daily application of practice time. Listening to directions, following directions, and full participation are emphasized in this category.


    MISSED WORK: Students who miss class for any reason should see their teacher to arrange for make-up work if necessary. Medically excused students must also see their teacher for alternative activities or assignments.




    1.    LOCK YOUR LOCKER: Always lock your belongings in a locker.  

    2.    BE PREPARED AND ON TIME: Report to class on time with a change of clothes: sneakers (no platform or backless), shorts, and t-shirt. You have five minutes to report to your assigned area with all personal business finished. Girls are expected to have a one piece bathing suit for swimming classes. All students should be prepared with a towel and bathing suit in the fall should we decide to use the pool. In inclement weather, we will announce if we will be using the pool as a teaching station.

    3.    FOLLOW DIRECTIONS: Be quiet and attentive during instruction and follow directions the first time they are given.

    4.    PARTICIPATE: Participate in all activities unless medically excused. See your teacher for make-up work if you are medically excused. Stay in the activity area until you are released by your teacher.

    5.    SHOW GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP: Play fairly; follow the rules of the game, no hitting, pushing, checking, cursing, etc. Be supportive of everyone.

    6.    Cell Phones: Cell phones and electronic devices are to remain in your hallway locker. School policy will be followed if a student has a cell phone while in Physical Education class.


    I have read the above rules and agree to abide by them. PE Teacher: ___________________Period: ______


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