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     7th grade Art: This course is a ten week course that is taught everyday for 10 weeks.  In this course the students will be exposed to many different art mediums in which they will explore and discover the importance of art to specific American cultures. Using the art elements and principles the students will create their own personal interpretations of these cultural artifacts.  


    Studio/advanced art:




                                        CRITIQUE:   6(1)  June 6                                   drawing due:      6(1)     June 12

                                                             3 and 6(2):   June  7                                 3 and 6(2):          June 13



     Tessellation designs:  The Final project of the school year: Using a template that is created using the three learned tessellating techniques the student will make the shape into a recognizable object that will be tessellated to form the design.   

    The student should be well under way with the final project.

    All projects are due on June 17 at 2:30pm. 

    If more time is needed to complete the project personal arrangements can be made by communicating with me, Mrs. Moscato, what your plan is. 

    Tessellation projects can be picked up anytime in room 125 from:  June 19th after the Math exam to June 24th after the Language exam.