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    Expanding the home-school partnership

    Parent participation in a child’s education is crucial for student success. The Hamburg Central School District has formed a Parent Academy to serve as an umbrella organization for a variety of services and activities that support parents in their roles as their child’s first and most important educator.

    The Academy’s membership consists of the Family Support Center of Hamburg, Parent-Child Connection, Family Resource Centers at Union Pleasant Elementary and Charlotte Avenue, and Hamburg Central PTA. Hamburg’s prekindergarten, elementary and secondary schools are also represented.

    These groups are coming together to provide education, support and information to the parents of Hamburg Central students. In addition to generating ideas for parent involvement, sharing and promoting programs, the Academy is developing a series of parent workshops related to curricular and instructional issues.

    Collaborating with Hamburg Central are the following:

    In partnership with community human services agencies, the Family Support Center serves residents of the Hamburg and Frontier School Districts. Its goal is to improve student achievement and behavior at school by identifying strengths and resources in families and school, and focusing them toward a common goal. The center provides family, individual and group counseling services, and is a referral source for families regarding mental health, physical health or social-economic needs. Phone: 646-3356

    The Parent-Child Connection is a volunteer committee of the Family Support Center. It offers parenting enrichment opportunities to families of children from preschool through grade 12 who live in the Hamburg and Frontier School Districts. Through informational programs, parent support groups, parenting classes, book club presentations and resource materials, the committee addresses a wide range of parenting topics.

    • Parent Resource Center at Union Pleasant Elementary

    The Parent Resource Center provides parents with current resources on all aspects of raising a child. Through support and education, it helps adults develop their parenting skills and empowers them to make more effective parenting choices. Phone: 646-3249 or 646-3295

    PTA is a child advocacy organization that seeks to unite home, school and community on behalf of youth. It supports and speaks on behalf of children in the schools, in the community and before governmental bodies that make decisions affecting children. PTA encourages parent and public involvement in the schools.

    • Parent Resource Center at Charlotte Avenue Elementary

    The Parent Resource Center provides parents with books, pamphlets and videos regarding current topics on parenting and parent-school connections. The room provides a place for parents to meet and review materials. An online computer is available at the site, as well. Funding for development of this center came, in part, from the Lillian Brand Foundation. Call the Charlotte Avenue School office at 646-3386 for additional information.

    How Can the Parent Academy Help You?

    The Academy wants to offer workshops on the education topics that most interest you. Please take a moment to fill out and mail the survey below or return it to your child’s school.

    For a copy of the Parent Academy Survey download this .pdf file:

    Parent Academy Survey

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