• Miss Zgoda - Math 7 and Math 7A

    Located in room 201

     "Where we make new brain connections every day!!!!!!!!!!!"


    The best advice I can give you for your child to succeed in math is to make sure that they are practicing everyday.  We practice in class everyday and I assign homework everyday. Check the homework hotline - 656-3333 mailbox #8100.

    Please don't ask them to study for a test.  The best way to prepare for tests is to practice, practice, and more practice.  Doing their homework is the only way they can check for their own understanding.

    We do not have a textbook.  If you would like to see what is in our curriculum please go to the following web site to view the 7th and 8th grade state standards. 

    Math 7 Standards

    Math 8 Standards

    A broad outline of topics for Math 7 are as follows:

    Pre March

    1.  Fraction review

    2.  Divisibility/Prime Factorization/LCM/GCF

    3.  Integers

    4.  Rational/Irrational Numbers

    5.  Order of Operations

    6.  Exponents

    7.  Standard/Metric Conversions

    8.  Translating equations/inequalities and solving

    9.  Central Tendency/Graphing

    10.  Formulas/Geometry

    11.  Probability

    12.  Maps/Scales

    13.  Converting currency


    Post March

    1.  Monomials/Solving equations

    2.  Pythagorean Theorem

    3.  Patterns/Rules


    A broad outline of the 8th grade (7A) topics are as follows:

    1.  Review

    2.  Integers

    3.  Calculator functions

    4.  Solving equations

    5.  Geometry

    6.  Translating and solving equations

    7.  Percent

    8.  Measurement Conversions

    9.  Exponents

    10.  Polynomials

    11.  Factoring

    12.  Transformations

    13.  Constructions

    14.  Graphing functions with two variable relationships

    15.  Slope

    16.  Graphing Inequalities


    The State Test Date is March  13 & 14, 2007


    If there are any questions or problems please do not hesitate to call the school (646-3250) and leave a message.  I will return your call as soon as possible.


    Mrs. Johnston