• Mr. Grobe

    Physical Education

    Grades 6-8

    Contact Information

    Email: kgrobe@hcsdk12.org
    Hamburg Middle School Physical Education Grading Policy


    HMS PE students will be graded daily on a scale of 5 points.  Points are earned through preparation, participation, and personal conduct.  Any student missing class for any reason will be expected to perform make-up work in order to earn their full 5 point credit.


    The following policies will be enforced while grading:

    Prepared and Full Participation=5 Points

    Absence from class for any reason (Illness, Field Trip, Music Lesson, etc.) =0 points with makeup work provided at start of next class. 

    1 Day Medical Excuse from activity=0 points Make-up work provided at start of next class

    Extended Medical with Doctor Excuse (exceeding 1 week)=Written Assignment will be provided

    Unprepared and No participation=0 points with no opportunity to make up


    Make-Up Assignment Policy

    Students in need of make-up work will be expected to complete their make-up assignment at the start of the next Phys Ed class.  Make-up will be skill based, related to the activity missed (missed swim activities will be made up during the next swim session).  It is the responsibility of the student to find their Phys Ed teacher to receive their make-up assignment.  If this is not completed at the start of the next Phys Ed session points will be lost permanently.   
    Mr. Grobe's Tread Water Thursdays 
    Every Thursday Mr. Grobe's classes will be heading in to the HMS pool for swim lessons! 
    Students must be prepared with bathing suits and towels