Somos estudiantes             From Mexico        Soccer is the #1 sport of Spain!   21 countries of the world speak Spanish
    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! 
    is a compound word
          Bien = Well 
          Venir = To come
    *This means that you are coming in well = welcome.
    (Welcome to Spanish class!)
    ¡HOLA!= Hello! and Hi!

    Me llamo Josefina Sprague      
    (My name is Judy Sprague)

    School phone: 646-3250
    (to leave a message or ask for Guidance Counselor)


    Why learn a foreign language?

    1.  It is a NY State graduation requirement.
    (to receive your diploma)

    2. We live in America which is multicultural.
    So...why not learn another language?
    **It also helps you better understand English!** 

    which many Americans use as their 1st language
     3. To be able to communicate with people around
    the world
    (21 countries speak Spanish).

    **Using the computer and/or traveling**

    ¡Nos divertimos en la clase
    de la Señora Sprague!
    Con Cariño,
    Señorita Sprague (Kimberly)

    ¡La Señora Sprague es excelente!









    Final Exam Speaking

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