• Hamburg Chess Club
    Advisor: Mr. Koprevich
     Play 'n Chess
    Meetings are in Room 143 from 2:25 until 3:10.
    Next Meetings: 

    Tuesday Sept 25

    Wed October 17

    Wed October 24

    Wed November 7

    Tue Dec 11

    Tue Dec 18

    wed Jan 16

    Thur Jan 31

    Thursday Feb 14th



    All students are welcome to attend.  We play European Chess, Doubles Chess, Omega Chess and other variations such as Chinese Chess and Wizards Chess.  Stop in for a game or come and get taught how to play!
     For Great tactics check out these sights:
     Chess Time App for android and ipad is used as the club multiplayer tool.  For a list of players names ask an officer or Mr. Koprevich.  Come play us!