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    This year I will be teaching 3 different PE Courses.
         Advanced Competitve- Effort and Attitude are the key, students are expected to compete at a high level in this Physical Education Class.  To get into this class students need a recommendation from their previous years PE Teacher.  Any student that does not maintain a high level of effort will be placed in a traditional Phys Ed Class. 
         Traditional Physical Education- This Class is designed to give students a variety of activities including but not limited to team games, individual wellness activities and aquatics.  Students are graded on a 5 point per day rubric based on effort, attitude, preparation, and attendance.  Students in this class will not be graded on skill level.
         Adaptive Physical Education- This Class is provided to students who have unique needs in Physical Education, based on their Individual Education Plan.  Adaptive PE is a specially designed program of developmental activities, games, sports and rhythms suited to the interests, capabilities, and limitations of students with disabilities.   
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