Mr. M. Mancuso
    Regents Earth Science
    All Regents Earth Science students will complete work required by New York State Education Department.  Requirements are as follows:
    1.  All students must complete EVERY lab assigned.
    2.  All lab write-ups are to be done in pencil.
    3.  Completed lab write-ups will be submitted for grading on the assigned date during the students' Earth Science CLASS PERIOD.
    4.  Submit completed lab write-ups in the box labeled with your CLASS PERIOD.
    5.  All students must take and successfully pass the Regents Earth Science Exam in June.
    6.  All students must take a final lab practical.
    7.  Textbooks must be covered.
    8.  Every student must have the following items with them in class unless otherwise instructed: A 3-ring binder for notes, pen, paper, colored pencils and a calculator.
    Classroom rules
    Be prepared
    Be on time
    Stay on task
    Respect yourself and others
    Clean up after yourself
Last Modified on August 30, 2016