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    Get carried away with US History/Government & Psychology and you will go to places you have only dreamed about! 

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    General Information for both US History(Regents-Grade 11) 
    Psychology(Grade 12)
    Students are expected to follow the Code Of Conduct found in their school planner. Therefore students are expected to arrive to class prepared and on time.  It is the responsibility of the student to bring his/her textbook, notebook and pen to each class.  Unprepared students will not be permitted to go to their locker.  Students are expected to come to class to learn, participate meaningfully and exhibit respect in every aspect of the learning environment.  No food or pop is permitted without permission from the teacher. 
    Cell Phone or Other Electronic Devices Policy:
    In accordance with the Hamburg High School student handbook, page # 9, cell phones are NOT appropriate in school and are therefore prohibited during school hours.  If used during school hours, the cell phone will be confiscated and will have to be picked up by the parents in the high school main office.
    Grading Policy for Both US History & Psychology:
    Each marking period students will receive a grade ranging from 0% to 100% for homework, classroom assignments, weekly quizzes and tests. Tests are worth 50%, Quizzes are worth 25%, homework assignments are worth 20% and 5% for participation.  The overall course grade is calculated by adding the final exam and four marking periods together and dividing the total by five.
    Homework shall be given on a regular basis.  It is the responsibility of students who are absent to find out what homework was assigned while they were out and to turn in the assignments that were due upon the first day they return. Homework that is late will not be received without permission of the teacher and a note from a parent/legal guardian. Students can find a copy of the class notes and homework assignments in the Learning Center.  No homework shall be accepted after papers have been graded, returned or reviewed in class.
    US History(Regents) Textbook, also see Web Resources for On-Line Textbook:
    The Americans; A History by William D Jordan, Miriam Greenblatt & John S Bowes. Published by McDougal Little/Houghton Mifflin.  U.S. History & Government is a Regents Course.  Passing this course is a graduation requirement. Passing the Regents Exam is required in order to receive Regents Credit.
    Psychology Textbook:
    The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Dr. Covey.  This book must be purchased by
    each student and will be used throughout the course of a 20 week period. 
    Psychology Course(Elective):
    Psychology is a twenty week elective course.
    Students may use this course to fulfill a social studies sequence for graduation requirement.

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