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    Courses: Algebra and Advanced Geometry

    Suggested Supplies for the 2018- 2019 School Year: 
    1. Information about calculators will be coming soon from the High School.
        2. We will be having many handouts so it is a good idea to purchase 2 or 3 binders to use throughout the year.  It's also a good idea to stock up on loose leaf paper.
        3.  Ruler, colored pencils, glue stick will be needed at times throughout the year.
        4. Geometry students only - you will need a good quality compass.  I will be selling them for $1. 
    Regents Exams 2018-2019 School Year:
    Common Core Algebra Regents Exam - June 2019
    Common Core Geometry Regents Exam - June 2019
    2018-2019  Algebra Syllabus 
    Occasionally, we will have assignments on Castle Learning, here is the web site:
     Great Site for directions on how to do Geometric Constructions:
    Check out this site for some videos on cross sections of 3-dimensional shape:
    Check out this site for some videos on what 3-dimensional shape you get by spinning a 2-dimensional shape:





Last Modified on April 5, 2019