• On this page, you will find a plethora of resources that will help you and your child prepare for variety of skills for each grade level!

    To ensure the safety of all, make sure to keep your hands and feet inside the site and remain seated at all times.


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    Videos and Guides to Teaching New Math Concepts:

    Kahn Academy - This site has an immense amount of videos explaining different math concepts and application in detail.   

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                    Math Antics - This site has lessons, worksheets and examples for a variety of different math skills.  Typing Math Antics "Skill your working                                       on" into youtube also is a great resource.

                    Fluency Math Practice - This is a great resource of games and different skills practice at different age levels.

                    Zearn - Math curriculum for ages K - 12.  User friendly and cool videos that go along with practice lessons.

                   Which One Doesn't Belong - Create discussions with your child in a fun way discussing things like shapes all the way to graphs and                                                 equations

                   Math Problems of the Month - Here is a fun way to create a math discussion at home with fun activities and mind benders.