• Armor Elementary
    Kristina Miles, MA/CAS - 646-3350, ext. 1021
    Boston Valley Elementary
    Kristina Miles, MA/CAS - 646-3240, ext. 2111
    Charlotte Avenue Elementary
    Michelle Chaffee, Psy.D. - 646-3370, ext. 3115
    Union Pleasant Elementary
    Renee Ganey, MA/CAS - 646-3280, ext. 4102
    Hamburg Middle School
    Jacquelyn Martin, MA/CAS - 646-3250, ext. 5110
    Hamburg High School
    Nevia Ramos, MS/CAS - 646-3300, ext. 6330 

    The five school psychologists in the Hamburg School District are responsible for a wide variety of tasks to assist the students, parents, teachers, and related staff of our district.  These tasks include assessment for purposes of eligibility for special education and devising educational programs, consultation with teachers and parents regarding academic interventions, creation of behavioral assessments and plans for students, and individual and group counseling.