• 2018 Team

     Thank you to all that tried out for the team. Your hard work and effort was appreciated. 

    The following people, please be ready for practice on Tuesday at 3:15-5:30 at the middle school. Bring SNEAKERS and grips.

    If there is a * after your name, please see coach Nyhart before practice.   

    Kristen Bacher

    Spohia Balaya 

    Trista Borowski

    Emma Braun

    Sabrina Clancy

    Maria Covelli

    Margaret Dehlinger 

    Ellen Forehand

    Gianna Garra

    Erin Germono *

    Lily Joyce

    Skylar Keller *

    Magdelyn Meyer

    Sophia Morgan 

    Gianna Muriel

    Katherine Nyhart

    Sophia Rauschlbach *

    Annika Rauchelbach

    Brianna Reese

    Cloe Reeves

    Olivia Reeves

    Torri Scholl *

    Hailie Staniszewski

    Clara Steffan *

    Emma Steffan

    Mackenzie Steffen

    Samantha Vail

    Julia Young *