• High School to host emergency training on Jan. 26

       Hamburg High School will be the site for emergency preparedness training for first responders and school staff on Friday, Jan. 26. This site was selected because there is no attendance for High School students on that day due to exam week.

       About 130 Hamburg Central employees will participate in “Stop the Bleed” tourniquet and QuikClot training in the morning as the district works toward having all staff members versed in this lifesaving procedure by the end of the 2018-19 school year.

       Casualty care and rescue task force training for Hamburg area law enforcement, emergency medical service providers and Emergency Medical Technician students will also take place. This will consist of lecture and an inter-active building scenario. Some High School teachers have volunteered to serve as role players. This training will be a precursor for a full-scale “live action” drill anticipated in 2018-19.

    -- Jan. 22, 2018