1.        The athlete must be a bona fide student enrolled in the Hamburg Central School District and in compliance with Board of Education policy regarding class load.  (Five (5) classes plus physical education.)


    2.       The athlete must be prepared and participate in physical education to be eligible for interscholastic athletics on that school day.


    3.       The athlete is expected to work to their potential in athletics and the classroom.


    Any student/athlete who is failing two (2) or more academic subjects (at least one core subject) will be given a two (2) week academic intervention period.  During that time the student will be eligible for interscholastic athletics but must show significant academic improvement.  If after the two (2) week time period it is determined by the director, coach and Guidance Department that improvement has taken place, the student/athlete will be re-instated to the team.  If there is not improvement, a two (2) week academic probation period will be put in place where the student/athlete is ineligible for interscholastic athletics and must improve his/her academic responsibilities in order to gain re-instatement.  


    4.      The athlete is expected to be a good citizen in school and in the community.


    5.      The athlete is expected to be in regular attendance in all classes.


    6.      The athlete is expected to be courteous and respectful and be a positive role model to all students.


    7.      The athlete is expected to display good sportsmanship both on and off the field of competition.


    8.      The athlete is expected to attend all schedule practices and games.


    9.      The athlete is expected to be responsible for issued equipment and team equipment.


    10.    The athlete is expected not to use or be in possession of tobacco, alcoholic beverages and/or use illegal drugs.




    Rules 1-9:  Report Violation to the Director of H.P.E.R.

    1st Violation:    Violation reviewed by the director and coach to determine appropriate action.

    2nd Violation:   Violation reviewed by the director, building administrator and coach to determine appropriate action.


    Rule 10:  Report Violation to the Director of Athletics

    1st Violation:  The athlete is suspended for two (2) weeks.  The athlete will adhere to the school suspension with no participation in extracurricular activities.  At the culmination of the school suspension, the athlete will be able to return to the team and participate in all team activities except for game competition for five (5) days.  After the five (5) practice or game days, the athlete will be completely re-instated to the team.

    2nd Violation:  The athlete is eliminated from the team.

    3rd Violation:  The athlete is eliminated from the next three (3) subsequent interscholastic seasons.

    4th Violation:  Immediate referral to the superintendent.


    All Violations will be recorded and will transfer to subsequent interscholastic seasons.

    Each violation will be reviewed on an individual basis and administered in accordance with interscholastic eligibility violation guidelines.


    Appeal Procedure:  The athlete and his/her parents have the right to appeal to a hearing committee.

    1st Appeal:  The committee will be comprised of the athletic director, a building administrator, two coaches not involved, and a Community Intervention core team member.

    2nd Appeal: Superintendent and Board of Education