Department of Human Resources
    Hamburg Administration Building
    5305 Abbott Rd.
    Hamburg, NY 14075

    Human Resources/Payroll Staff:
    Lorraine Simonick, Human Resources Office Manager- Health Insurance Benefits
    Sharon Matern, Human Resources Clerk
    Mary Valtin, Principal Clerk Typist - Attendance
    Debra Magee, Payroll Clerk

    The Department of Human Resources strives to assist all Hamburg Central School District employees to become successful in their careers and to promote excellence and service to the district so that staff members can do what they do best: teaching, learning, and leading for student success.

    The Department of Human Resources is responsible for:
    • Advising the Superintendent of Schools as to current and anticipated staffing needs.
    • Planning, organizing, and implementing the recruitment, screening, interviewing, and the selection of highly qualified personnel to become employees within a system of high standards in the Hamburg Central School District.
    • Managing leaves, suspensions, absences, dismissals, appointments, or honorable citations for staff member excellence.
    • Maintaining and updating job descriptions and policy procedures for personnel related topics or issues.
    • Managing personnel benefits, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, while also leading the Employee Assistance Program for staff members.
    • Managing and carrying out payroll and related services pertinent to long-range budget planning and mandated deductions (i.e. retirement, social security, etc.).
    • Maintaining a current list of qualified substitute personnel and coordinating the substitute calling service.
    • Collaborating with legal counsel in the representation of the district in personnel matters, collective bargaining, Title IX procedures, etc.
    • Providing correct interpretation and the implementation of collective bargaining agreements.
    • Coordinating professional development programs and fostering the growth and improvement of “best employee practices.”
    • Assisting with problem solving or the reporting of problems, issues, or concerns.
    • Promoting the development of pre-service teachers or professional staff, such as student teachers or substitute staff members.
    • All annual reports and questionnaires pertaining to local and federal reporting systems (i.e. census, health and human services, labor, retirement, etc.).

    Phone Numbers:
    Attendance (716) 646-3200, ext. 7204 
    Health Insurance Benefits - (716) 646-3200, ext. 7394 
    Human Resources (716) 646-3200, ext.7203
    Payroll (716) 646-3200, ext. 7205
    Fax (716) 646-3209
    Employment verifications must be in writing, please fax to (716) 646-3209, Attn:  Payroll

    The Hamburg Central School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not take into consideration race, color, creed, national origin, political affiliation, sex, age, marital or veteran status, or disability.