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The new arrival/dismissal driveway construction is going to begin on October 1st and is slated to be completed by October 15th.  Starting September 28th a fence will be put into position to block off the work zone. This will mean that students will have to be crossed over to the other side of Charlotte Ave, preferably by the crossing guard at the corner of Charlotte Ave and East Prospect, and then will cross back over at the cross walk at CAS. They should not be walking in the street to avoid the work zone area. Please remind your children how important it is to make safe decisions and to cross at the cross walk with an adult. Walking in the street is not a safe option. Students who ride their bikes to school will be able to park them in front of the school. The bike racks that are located by the playground will be moved to the front. Please remember this is a short amount of time and the long range benefits are worth it. Once the driveway is completed we will discontinue the arrival/dismissal zone in front of the school and only use our new driveway. The procedure will be the same as it is now, only the location will change.  Please make arrangements to have your children exit your car on the passenger side to keep them out of the roads and to prevent them from passing between cars. Thank you for your cooperation in our new procedures.



Best regards,



Mrs. Danielle Lango



Welcome back to school!!!  

As many of you know Charlotte Avenue has prided itself on being a community school. Last year we had the distinct honor of being awarded the National PTA School of Excellence. In addition to our strong sense of community we have made great gains academically.  I am very pleased to say that we moved up six slots in the Business First School Standings and we are now ranked as the 27th highest rated school in Western New York, out of 262 elementary schools. This accomplishment could not have happened without a strong partnership between the school and home. Thank you for all that you've done to support us as we continue to do our best.

The 2015-16 school-year is fast approaching and we are very excited for your children to arrive on September 1st, 2015. Please note that this year begins changes to our district’s school day schedule. Across the Hamburg Central School District, arrival begins and the doors open at 8:50 a.m.  Students may not enter the building prior to 8:50 unless they are registered in the YMCA before-school program (674-9622).  Students participating in the breakfast program may proceed to the cafeteria as they enter at 8:50.  Students will be dismissed at 3:00 PM.

A new arrival and dismissal drive-through area will be created and completed sometime in October to ensure the safety of our students, parents and staff. Parents who are dropping off or picking up their children will no longer have access to the school’s parking lot. Until the new drive-through area is completed the arrival and dismissal drive-through zone will be front of the school on Charlotte Ave. Since this is a no standing/parking zone we requested and were granted permission from the Hamburg Village for this temporary solution until our new area is completed. We have to adhere to the law so please use this area correctly. This new drive through area will only be open between the hours of 8:50 and 9:00 AM and 3:00 to 3:10 PM and will be designated with cones. Staff members will be present to allow access into this area and to help transitions students safely in and out of school. Your cooperation and patience will ensure that everyone arrives and leaves school safely. One additional note is that Pre-K parents will be using our parking lot because they are required to park and walk their child/children into school. PreK families will have a pass placed on their dashboard to signal that they are Pre-K parents, which will allow staff members to facilitate where cars should be directed for a smooth transition between the two designated areas.

We are a community that prides itself on teamwork and being good neighbors. At Charlotte Avenue we make the difference and your cooperation will help us kick off the school year in a smooth and positive direction. We are very excited to see your children and to continue to become stronger and achieve even greater goals than we ever have before. You can find our breakfast and lunch menus and pricing on the district home page.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on September 1st as I know this will be a fantastic year with many more wonderful opportunities!


Warm Regards,

Mrs. Danielle Lango

Charlotte Avenue Principal

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    Mrs. Danielle Lango
    Mrs. Joyce Marzullo
    Mission Statement
    The children of Charlotte Avenue School (CAS) will be (C) confident, creative citizens who (A) achieve academic excellence by being (S) strong, self-motivated students!
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