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    Jim Trelease's : The Read Aloud Handbook
      This text shares with you not only the importance of reading aloud to your child, but tips on how to read with them, and a wealth of resources!  Click on the book if you are interested in ordering a copy.  
    Click HERE to view an outline of the contents of this text.  
    The following is a letter written by Jim Trelease to the parents of Hamburg, New York:

    Dear Parents:



               We all agree about the importance of “hugs” in a child’s life, that they can reassure and encourage the child’s spirit. Now let’s consider the child’s mind—how do we “hug” that? When you read to a child at any age, you are “hugging” that child’s mind. Here’s how it works: while you’re pouring sounds and syllables into the child’s ear, you’re also introducing new words, showing how they’re pronounced, and, best of all, demonstrating the pleasure connection. That last part is especially important for the child who might be experiencing difficulty in reading and beginning to think that reading is all about work and sweat, not about fun. Your reading, among other things, balances the scales in the child’s mind—it’s reading that can’t be failed or graded. One more thought: Until about grade 8, children listen at a higher level than they read on, which means a first-grader might not be able to read a third-grade book but he or she can hear and enjoy such a book when it’s read aloud to them. And that’s something few adults ever consider.



                                                                                                                                    Happy Reading,

                                                                                                                                            Jim Trelease

                                                                                                                 Author, The Read-Aloud Handbook (Penguin 2006)

    Jim Trelease's Read Aloud Treasury - this link will take you to a list of some of Jim Trelease's favorite read aloud stories.  There are books for varying grade levels.   

     Get your popcorn ready...... we've got a few short clips for you to watch!




    Here are some great websites to promote reading at home! 
     Storyline Online - On this page, Screen Actor's Guild Members read aloud some favorites.  Your child can listen to the story while watching the illustrations come to life.  
     Mrs. P.'s Magic Library - Mrs. P. is an online storyteller.  Children can select from a wide range of stories to listen to Mrs. P. read aloud to them.  
     Storynory- database of free audio stories.  The range of books available is great, including chapter books.  Children can download stories to play on their iPods or mp3 devices.  
     International Children's Digital Library-  This is an amazing site that let's you read stories online.  It allows you to select stories from across the world.  A free registration allows you to save some of your favorites
     Smories- This is a neat website!  On this page, children can watch a video clip of other children sharing a story that they created on their own.  It also allows for children to upload their own original stories. 
     Aesop's Fables- This is on online collection of Aesop's Fables.  You can listen to the fables while reading along with the text onscreen. 
     Scholastic- Storia - Scholastic has recently released a download for your home computer or wireless device, that allows you to purchase and download books from their collection.  You get 5 free downloads when you download Storia for the first time.