Union Pleasant Elementary School

The following are some reading applications that can be downloaded on the Apple iPad and/or iPhone.  Please click on the app to read more about each one.
 Free Apps
 Read Me Stories
Read Me Stories 
A Story Before Bed
A Story Before Bed 
Toy Story
Toy Story 
Nook for Kids
Nook for Kids  
 The Story Mouse
The Story Mouse Talking Books  
Read Aloud: The Three Little Pigs 
 Sherlock Holmes- 3D Classic Literature
Grimm's Fairy Tales- 3D Classic Literature 
Ladybug's Bookshelf Interactive Stories for Young Children 
31  National Geographic Kids
Pay Apps 
 Auryn HD- Teddy's Day
Auryn HD- Teddy's Day - $.99
 Dr. Seuss
Dr. Seuss ABC - $2.99 
How To Train Your Dragon
Alice for the iPad - $8.99 
Shrek Forever After- $2.99
    Bella Bella Goes Bump In The Night - $.99 
 animalia Animalia - $3.99 
Aesop's Wheel of Fables - $4.99 
Mom, It's Me! - $.99 
robin  The Adventures of Robin Hood- $3.99
 Puss In Boots
Puss In Boots Movie Storybook - $3.99 
Viewpoints: THe Blue Jackal and the Lion -$.99 
 The Magic
The Magic School Bus: Dinosaurs - $7.99 
magic  The Magic School Bus: Oceans- $7.99
 i love you
I Love You Through and Through - $4.99 
clifford  Go, Clifford, Go! - $4.99
3D Classic Literature - $.99 
rump  Grimm's Rumpelstiltskin- 3D Interactive Pop Up Book $2.99
Portal  The Portal in the Park - $2.99
ngeo  7 Billion- national Geographic - $4.99
Weird But True- National Geographic - $1.99 
32  Storybox - $3.99
KidsMag - $2.99 
Last Modified on December 9, 2016