• Physical Education Policy


    Clothing and Footwear


    Students in level 3 must have sneakers and pants (no dresses) to participate in physical education class.


    Students in Levels 4 and 5 must have a change of clothing (shorts and t-shirt), a sweatshirt (cool weather), and deodorant for Physical Education class. Students may bring these clothes on each Physical Education day or buy a district key-controlled lock from the Physical Education teacher for the purpose of securing belongings in a basket in the locker room.


    Marks for Physical Education are given at the first report card and the and 40th week marking periods. These grades reflect a student's physical fitness level, skill development, preparedness for class, and effort/behavior.

    The five-item Fitness Test is administered in the fall and spring. Fitness reports are sent home indicating each student's results. Each student has the opportunity to improve and receive a performance award.

    Safety Issues

    No jewelry (rings, watches, earrings, necklaces), platform sneakers, belt loops, pockets on shorts.

    Students with hair below shoulders, must tie it back.

    Any student who needs to wear glasses during Physical Education must have a written permission slip from a parent/guardian indicating this preference. Without a note, the student cannot wear glasses.