Charlotte Avenue Elementary School
Supporting your childrens public education by
providing programs, assemblies, field trips, support, and advocacy.
 It is only with the help of our parents supporting our students and families that
Charlotte Avenue can maintain the reputation that we have as a school that makes a difference
in our community.
Please feel free to get in touch with any of the officers listed below if you would be interested in volunteering!

“every child’s potential a reality…"

2015-2016 CAS PTSA Officers
 Vice President
Candy Ditkowski 799-4532

Michelle Phillips 418-5196

Jen Jackson 648-1974
The value of a PTSA membership:
     "PTSA works on behalf of its members, providing state and national information, influence and recognition to help unite parents, teachers, and the community for the common good of all children.  Together, members can create a healthy, nurturing environment for improving opportunities for all children and youth."
                                         -National PTSA Annual Resources 2005-2006
The Charlotte Avenue School PTSA works hard to bring programs, activities, assemblies, parties, etc. for all to enjoy.  Thank You to all who have donated their time to help with our efforts.  We appreciate all of your hard work and hope you can continue to do so.  We understand that time may not be a commitment many can make.  We ask that you consider joining the PTSA (i.e. buying a membership) to show your support of the Charlotte Avenue School PTSA.
Our PTSA is only a strong and active as its members, and our children are the direct beneficiaries of these efforts.  Surveys show that in general, children of involved parents have better school experiences, better academic performance, and fewer disciplinary problems.
What are the benefits of joining the PTSA/ What do my dues pay for?
  • A small portion of the dues go to the state and national offices.  In return, local PTSAs and members receive access to many valuable resources, information, and training programs.
  • Online resources including Our Children magazine, full of parenting tips
  • Special discounts and offers from National PTA's sponsors and member benefits providers such as Hertz, Sharp, Staples, and T-Mobile.
  • Access to and National PTA's Members' websites, with articles to assist parents with being involved in their children's education and school
  • Free Charlotte Avenue Elementary School PTSA handbook
  • Enriching your child's school experience.
If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact Alissa Evans 649-1508
2013-2014 PTSA Officers
    Sarah Marvin 649-2626 or 870-8273 
Jen Jackson 648-1974
       Michelle Phillips 418-5916