Hamburg Varsity Bowling
     Head Coach: Mr. Dan Darnley
    Home Lanes: Braymiller's Lanes 
    This site is currently under construction
    Welcome to the Hamburg Varsity Bowling Website!
          This site will be updated frequently with information regarding practices, matches, ECIC Roll-Offs, and Sectionals at the end of the year. All student-athletes are encouraged to check this site frequently and view any reading materials and videos.   
    Please send me an email at dandarnl@gmail.com, so that I have your contact and can relay information directly to you. If you could include your name, and the name of your student-athlete, that would be fantastic!  
    Physical MUST BE COMPLETED prior to tryout. Student must be registered through familyid.com registration to tryout.
    Tryouts are at Braymiller's Lanes, attendance at all 3 days is mandatory for consideration to make the team. 
    10/15: Tryouts for the 2018-19 Season will be held Monday, November 5, Tuesday, November 6, and Thursday, November 8 at Braymiller's. Trouts will start at 3:15pm. Attendance at all three days is essential for consideration, as 9 game total will determine the roster. Any student wishing to participate needs to be registered and approved on FamilyID before this date. Top 12 Boys and Top 12 Girls will make the full roster, any student below that after tryout will be considered for a Jr. Varsity Practice Squad. 
    RULE REMINDER: Any bowler wishing to participate in ECIC competition, is UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES allowed to compete for prize money. This includes but is not limited to; Adult Leagues (Pacing), Midnight Bowling, Adult Tournaments. Any bowler found to have competed for prize money in any of these mentioned activities or ones not mentioned, is subject to DISQUALIFICATION and REMOVAL from ECIC Competition. Any bowlers that have paced, or competed for money do not have amateur status for one year from the date the bowler participated in said event. This rule is in compliance with ECIC Rule 400.
    Also, bowlers may not bowl any additional games on the day of a match. The only bowling done that day is match competition.

Last Modified on October 15, 2018