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     IRP News

    • Beginning May 10th, we will allow one-pagers to go home!  
    • You may work on one-pagers for homework or during your study hall, due to the limited time we have remaining for 4th quarter!
    • IRP folders may NOT leave the classroom - just a one-pager!
    • Last day to turn in one-pagers will be June 13th!
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    Outsiders Post-It List

    Chapter 1 - 1 of each WALTeR for Ponyboy

    Chapter 2 - p26 metaphor, p30 hyperbole and p 34 foreshadowing

    Chapter 3 - 1 WALTeR for Ponyboy, Darry & Johnny  AND Explain this quote from p38

        • That was the truth. Socs were always behind a wall of aloofness, careful not to let their real selves show through. I had seen a social-club rumble once. The Socs even fought coldly and practically and impersonally.

    Chapter 4 - p54 metaphor & simile in 1 (ONE) sentence, p55 stereotype, p56 personification and p66 premonition

    Chapter 5 - p68 simile, p69 hyperbole,  p74 hyperbole and p77 personification

    Chapter 6 - 1 WALTeR for Dally, 1 WALTeR for Ponyboy, 1 WALTeR for Johnny, p98 simile & p98 hyperbole

     Chapter 7 - 1 WALTeR for Ponyboy, p100 metaphor, p 105-106 simile, p109 metaphor & p114 hyperbole

    Chapter 8 - p120 simile, p125 symbolism of Two-Bit’s knife,  p127 foreshadowing and p129-130 symbolism of a sunset

    Chapter 9 - 3 Conflict: 1 man vs. man, 1 man vs. self and 1 man vs. society AND p148 symbolism of Johnny’s words: "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold..."

    Chapter 10 p152 simile, p153 simile, p154 climax (the most intense, exciting, or important point of something; a culmination or apex) and p156 flashback

    Chapter 11 - p162 explain Ponyboy’s statement:  “I'd rather have anybody's hate than their pity.", p165 explain Ponyboy’s statement: "I had it" I stopped him. He was looking at me strangely. "I had the knife. I killed Bob." AND p166 How does this statement by Darry show the relationship between him and Ponyboy is changing?  "Maybe you can be a little neater, huh, little buddy?"

    Chapter 12 - p173 metaphor, p180 What is the significance of the final sentence in the novel? AND What is the S.E. Hinton’s theme of the novel?