Hamburg Middle School

Team 1/Math
Mrs. Miller
Phone number: 646-3250 

(9/25) Note from Mrs. Miller  
Parent Portal is now available to view your child's List 1 Vocabulary Quiz and Module 1 Test. All students received 6 of 6 points on homework assignments regardless of tardiness. However, beginning Monday, 9/26, late and/or missing homework will be recorded as such. 

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Math Class/Math Workshop Supplies
  • Planner
  • Math Workbook
  • Math Composition Notebook
  • 3 ring binder
  • Take-home Folder
  • 2 pencils
  • TI - 30x IIs scientific (will need by 10/1/16)
  • DEAR book 
  • (optional) highlighter, blue pen, or red pen


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GO Math Workbook
Students will be assigned an "id" and "password" and take a tour through their new workbook on Monday, October 3. Apparently, there were computer glitches with other school districts using GO Math in terms of assigning ids and passwords.