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English 8 
English 8 Honors

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English 8 Homework

Week of 10/5/15-10/9/15


*Today in class: quiz on "The Monkey's Paw" (vocab. and content) was given.
 Continue reading your IR book. 
HONORS: same


Complete vocab. packet for "The Lottery" if you didn't in class.
HONORS: same


Meet in the LMC for class tomorrow. Bring your book to read or renew if need be.  

HONORS: same.


 Read. .
HONORS: same


Read. Enjoy your weekend!
Reminder: Quiz Monday on vocab. for "The Lottery" and the story. *Vocab. packet is posted on my website if you need an extra copy. 
HONORS: same


Independent Reading Due Dates (for reader's responses)~

1st Book:  Summer Reading due 9/3
2nd Book:  Your Choice due *10/2
3rd Book:  Your Choice due *10/22

*These dates are ghost dates. Students are encouraged to complete a reader's response for each book by these dates. All responses MUST be turned in on or by Nov. 3rd. 
Reader's Review is due Nov. 3rd. Students should choose 1 of their 3 IR books, and write a reader's review on that 1 book. Computer lab time will be given for the 1st reader's review.  

8th Grade


Parents: Please send in a box of Kleenex if you have any to spare. It will be greatly appreciated all year long by many.
Please consider donating any formerly loved books to our classroom library, which is in great need of additions-thank you.
I am looking forward to a great year!


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