• Hamburg Middle School Health Education

    Grade 6 - Course Expectations - Mr. Day



    Today our lives are no longer threatened by numerous communicable diseases which disabled or killed many people in the past.  Instead we are threatened by “lifestyle” diseases.  Over 75 percent of the 2 million people who die each year in this country are killed by heart disease, cancer, stroke, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and emphysema.  Many of these deaths could have been prevented through improved health habits and decisions.  The 20-week health education course in sixth grade will include the following:




    1.    General Health

    2.       Wellness Lifestyle (Fitness/Nutrition)

    3.       Substance Abuse (alcohol, tobacco, other drugs)

    4.       Personal Safety/Sexual Abuse

    5.       Mental Health

    6.       HIV/AIDS

    7.       Family Life Education


    Goals and Objectives


    Students will be able to understand and apply factual information that will help them maintain, improve, and be responsible for health and wellness.




    Throughout the course a student earns points through various class activities, homework, quizzes, tests, and other individual or group projects.  Late assignments will be accepted with penalty.  At the end of the ten weeks, the students average will be determined by dividing actual points earned by the total points possible.




    All students are expected to participate in class discussions as well as group activities.  Participation points can be included in the grading system.


    Classroom Rules


                    1.  Respect yourself and others.

                    2.  Be on time to class.

                    3.  Raise your hand before speaking.

                    4.  Maintain confidentiality.

                    5.  Follow all instructions of the teacher or sub.

    *Inability of students to abide by classroom rules may result in detention through the use of a three strike system.


    Needed Supplies


                    1.  3 ring binder                                                  

                    2.  9 Dividers (can be home made)

                    3.  Loose leaf paper



    There is no textbook for the course.  Therefore, all students are expected to have well-organized binders in which all handouts and class notes will be kept according to unit of study.   Students are expected to visit the HMS Health web page regularly for assignments, extra credit, research and other valuable information.  Go to Hamburg website, Follow the following links: Schools – HMS – Exploratory Dept.– Health.  Parents may contact Mr. Day in the middle school at 646-3250 with any concerns.