•  2nd Quarter:


    30 Points 

    "Monsters Are Due On Maple Street" Assignment"

    Due date = by end of period Thursday, January 18th 

    1) Read pgs. 410-431 in Red Literature Book

    "Science Fiction & Fantasy" (intro)

    "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street"  (play)

     On your own paper, please...

    Using complete sentences on pg.429 answer:

    Questions 1-8 (and all their parts) do not answer #6

    And...on pg.430 Questions 1-10 Vocabulary

     (these words are defined @ the bottom of many pages throughout the story to help) 

    Monsters Pictures click here to see some "Monsters" film clip pictures

    Twilight Zone Theme Music  (click on this link!)


    Essay Writing Review: 

    1) Essay Notes Review powerpoint
    2) Creating An Essay powerpoint
     4) RACE Writing powerpoint
    Independent Reading Requirements Team 4 ELA Classes: 
    All students should be independently reading at least 2 novels (of their choice) in addition to our recent class novel,
    A Long Walk To Water.
    2 independent novels need to be completed by the end of the 2nd quarter...thank you!
    3) Independent Reading Book Log  (click on link below to print extra copies of Log)
    *Independent Reading Project Options  (click on this link to view options)
    All students must complete an Independent Reading Hands-On Project based on
    1 novel that they read independently, outside of class this 2nd Quarter.
    Due date = Wednesday, January 24th
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