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     English 9/The Learning Center
   Romeo and Juliet Unit
Students will have nightly homework, even if
it is just rereading what we read in class. Study
guide questions will accompany readings to
enhance student understanding and study of
the play.
Week of 4/20 -4/24/15 -   1) - Romeo and Juliet Unit Test - Wednesday 4/22
                                          2)  - Essay on Tragic Flaw

: should be expected about 3 nights a week and should take
15-20 minutes on average. Longer assignment will usually have extended
due dates so students can plan accordingly.  Homework should be done with
thought and care and will often be a check of understanding of what
was taught in class, or a pre-thinking exercise that will be used in class the
following day. Some assignments may simply be checked for completeness;
others may be collected and graded. Assignments are always posted and
announced/explained in class.
Please contact me at with any questions or concerns.
I am looking forward to a great year!
Mrs. Reese
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