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     English 9/The Learning Center
                   English 9 Midterm Exam
                         Tuesday 1/27/15 - 8:00 AM

 Week of 1/12 -1/23/15  MidTerm Prep - Reading Comprehension &
                                           Text Analysis Writing Response
                                    -  OMM - writing about literary elements and techniques
                                    -Review of figurative language, tone, diction,       
                                     author's purpose, theme

: should be expected about 3 nights a week and should take
15-20 minutes on average. Longer assignment will usually have extended
due dates so students can plan accordingly.  Homework should be done with
thought and care and will often be a check of understanding of what
was taught in class, or a pre-thinking exercise that will be used in class the
following day. Some assignments may simply be checked for completeness;
others may be collected and graded. Assignments are always posted and
announced/explained in class.
Please contact me at with any questions or concerns.
I am looking forward to a great year!
Mrs. Reese
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