Charlotte Avenue Elementary School


    schoolPre Kindergarten

    Charlotte Avenue Elementary

    Principal - Mrs. Danielle Lango
    Pre-K Secretary - Mrs. Denise Lorka
    Important Numbers:
     PreK Office - 646-3370 Ext:3410
    FAX - 646-3382 
    Fisher Bus- 648-7766
    Nurse's Office 646-3373

    The Universal Pre Kindergarten program for Hamburg Central School district is housed at the Charlotte Avenue Elementary School. The program promotes positive learning experiences in the following areas: social competence, physical development, language & literacy, math concepts, art & music, and science.  The PreK program helps children become independent, self-confident and enthusiastic learners. Participation in the program encourages children to develop good habits and daily routines that foster a child's growth and development in an educational environment.
     Children attend for two and one-half hours a day, five days a week.   Presently we have sessions in the morning (9:00-11:30am); and sessions in the afternoon (12:30-3:00pm).  Placement in AM or PM session is based on the bus transportation schedule which will be developed over the summer with Fisher Bus Company.

    Applications for the 2017-2018 school year will be available to families with children who will be four years old on or Dec. 1, 2017 and who live in the Hamburg School District.  Please contact the Pre K office for further information @ 646-3370 Ext:3410. The Applications will be available after February 1, 2017 on the "student registration" webpage. 
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