• The Dignity for All Students Act is one that Hamburg has put at the forefront of our athletic programs.  We strive to have a Culture of Kindness in our programs where our Varsity Athletes are mentors to our JV athletes and our modified athletes.  We want every player to know that it is our responsibility both as players and coaches to create a culture where every student stresses Regard, Esteen, Respect, Fairness, Redognition, Compassion, Appreciation, and Consideration.
    Please read the link below for more information on DASA (Dignity for All Students Act).  If you are in question of anything that involves another student athlete, please make sure that you notify your coach immediately.
    The attached brochure is one you can find in the counseling center at Hamburg High School.
    In our program we stress a
         Commitment to Family(both your immediate family and your team "family)
         Commitment to School
         Commitment to Community
    Together, we can creat a culture that supports everyone, both on and off the court.