PURPOSE: to continue to educate our students about physical fitness, wellness, nutrition, and sport when they are unable to participate actively in the physical education class.
    3 or less missed PE classes should be made up in accordance with their individual teacher.

    4 or more missed PE classes should be made up in accordance with the Long Term Medical.

    ***Students are responsible to notify PE instructor prior to school-related absences. 

    Students may NOT make up classes for the following reasons:

    -cutting class (refer to Student-Parent Handbook.  When a student cuts class or is absent from school unexcused, he/she does not receive participation credit nor may he/she make up skills or written tests)

    -failure to dress (Student reports to class and does not have appropriate attire)

    -Students who cannot participate or who or have limited participation in PE activities for 3 days or less shall provide a note, at the beginning of class, from his/her parent or doctor to the PE instructor.  This note shall describe the illness and/or injury that are causing the student not to participate during class. (Note: students are required to remain attentive to the lesson.) Classes must be made up similar to an absence.

    Students who miss a skill test, fitness test and/or written test due to medically excused non-participation or absence will be expected to make up the test(s).  Make up tests are to be arranged with individual instructors at a time that is mutually agreeable.

    -Students with an illness or injury lasting 4 or more days in duration shall provide a note from his/her doctor to the instructor at the beginning of class.  This note should describe the nature of the illness or injury, limitations or restrictions on movement, duration of non-participation, and indication of when PE class may be resumed.

    Students with a medical excuse from a doctor, which prohibits or limits PE participation for four consecutive days or more out of the grading period, will be assigned one of two options:

     1.   Students may continue the course with a modified curriculum in which limitations allow. For a student to get this adaptive Physical Education, he/she must return with a physical activity form signed by their doctor. At this point an adaptive teacher will provide them an alternative Physical Education program.

    2.   Students may do a written assignment. ½ page per class up to a 5 page paper per 5 week period. For example: a student missing a quarter will be responsible for two 5-page papers. The student must chose 2 of the 3 units taught that quarter and include the following:

    Bullets of Content:

    *description of sport/activity

    *history of sport/activity

    *official rules and regulations of the sport

    *skills involved in sport, game or exercise

    *strategy involved in sport, game or exercise

    *career potential

    The paper will be graded on a 5 pt Rubric

    5        - 6 bullets included

               -  Proper length
    - Well written
    - 12 pt. font and double spaced/1 inch margins


    3         - 5 bullets included

                -  Not quite complete

                - Well written

                - 12 pt font double spaced


            - less than 5 bullets included

                 - Not quite complete

      - Poorly written/little effort

                 - 12 pt font double spaced



    For a printable version of this policy, CLICK HERE.