•                              Science Grade 6: Mrs. Pfohl

     Welcome to Grade 6 Science! We have an exciting year before us- full of interesting studies. I look forward to working with you. Teachers are your partners in learning so I expect you to work with me. This will be different than elementary school. Freedom = responsibility! 

    This year’s topics:                                                                      

    Ecology and microscope use

    Climate and weather

    Plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes

    Energy and rocketry

    Embryology of chickens


    You are expected to bring these supplies to each class:




    Covered textbook or unit packet

    Homework folder


    Students are expected to be on time. Participation in the science lesson and respect for equipment and lab partner is expected. If you are absent please pick up the absentee work I have set aside. It is due the next day. However, if you are absent more than one day, you shall see me directly so we can set up a manageable schedule for the completion of missed work. I don’t expect you to be up, all night, catching up!!! But I do expect you to catch up as soon as possible.

    Music lessons:

    If you miss class for a music lesson, you are responsible for signing out for the lesson and telling me where you will be that day. You are also responsible for handing in homework that is due and picking up the classwork/homework before your music lesson that day. If you sign out by the day before the lesson, I can have the work ready for you without delay.


    Will not be daily but is due the next day. It is assigned to help you remember and understand what was learned in class. It is 20% of your quarterly grade. Do it! Homework should be recorded in your planner and your parents can view assignments on our Team 3 website. I am available during 8th period studyhall so come see me with questions! I’ll be sure to make this as painless as possible.


    Are usually started in class and completed as homework over a longer period, such as a week. These are worth 40% of your quarterly grade. Do them and hand them in on time. There is a 5%, per day penalty each day these are late (ouch). You will have to serve lunch detention with me to complete them if late by more than two days. (At the end of that lunch detention whatever you then have completed will be graded). Just like an adult you have deadlines to meet. Freedom = responsibility.

    Tests and Quizzes:

    These focus on vocabulary, skills, and concepts learned in class. They are worth 40%of your quarterly grade. I will give you warning in advance that a test or quiz is upcoming. That is a strong reminder to start studying right away. I want you to be successful, so come to me with questions!


    These are cumulative tests that are given near the end of each quarter. Benchmark II is a midterm. Benchmark IV is a final exam. Don’t worry; I will help you with review of the material. Some review must be done as homework, though.


    Science class involves many “hands on” activities. Students are expected to use self-control when participating in activities, labs, and fieldtrips. Misbehavior will result in team checks (three checks = a detention), a call home/meeting with parents, or may even disqualify a student from participation in these. This is something to really think about because we take walks to the pond, raise chicks, and even launch rockets!


    Homework is 20% of grade, late 1 day = ½ credit, late 2 or more days = 0 credit

    Projects are 40% of grade, late project = -5% per day /lunch detention

    Tests/quizzes are 40% of grade, mastery is expected the first time

     Students should check their progress on student portal.

    Parents are strongly encouraged to use parent portal, since homework is recorded within a day and tests/ projects within a week. It is a great way to view student progress. (Please don’t let them “try it on their own” the first quarter!! In the past, parents have seen greater success by easing off oversight as the year progresses, than to starting out without checking on students.)

     Parent communication:

    I hope we can be partners in your child’s learning. If you have any questions or concerns, my preferred mode of communication is email because it is more flexible: spfohl@hamburgschools.org. Phone conferences can be arranged after an email request-please include the times you are phone available. Our school phone is 646-3250.