Tests and quizzes are worth 40% of the quarterly grade
    Students are given tests after every chapter. They are expected to study the (given)  notes for tests. Also, it is helpful to reread chapter pages as time allows.
    If a student has missed the exam due to absence they should arrange to take the test they've missed within a reasonable amount of time. I will assist the student with this process. Please encourage your child to seek me out rather than waiting for me to come to them.
    If a student has a lesson on the day of a test they must reschedule the lesson. They see the music teacher to let them know they need to eschedule their lesson. (This refers to chapter tests and benchmark tests only.) Students do not miss a lesson for a quiz or lab.
    Benchmarks are given four times per year:
    Benchmark I October
    Benchmark II (midterm) January
    Benchmark III April  
    Benchmark IV -Final Exam June
    See the link on my webpage, around the time of the midterm, for midterm review ideas. Students will also be supplied with printed and inclass review.
    The final exam is worth one fifth of the student's yearly grade average. Quarters one through four and the final exam are averaged together. This average is their final yearly average. Review pages will be provided. All quizzes and tests should be kept in the binder during the year. These also make excellent study material. See the final exam link on my home page.