• Earth Science Regents Exam Review
    The lab practical, Part D of the exam, constitutes 15% of the final exam.  A great video review of this can be found HERE!
    For Parts A, B1, B2, and C, did you know:


    • CLICK HERE for a great summary of the course and its major topics.

    • There are many credible sites to help you review for the final exam.  They include,

              - reviewearthscience.com (provides a wealth of exam information and study guide tips)

              - nysedregents.org (the official NY State Regents site providing old exams and their answer keys.)

              - regentsprep.org (an UNofficial NY State Regents guide for ALL regents courses and exams.)

              - http://www.hmxearthscience.com/review_materials.html (has several outstanding review sheets for the final; with answers!) 
    • You have 3 hours to complete the exam, which typically only takes about 2 hours to finish for most students.  Since you cannot leave before the state required 2 hour minimum "sit-time", take your time and thoroughly read through all directions and questions.


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